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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vipul Shah spends 2 Lacs for ASIN's shoes

Bollywood Director-Producer Vipul Shah is filming his hindi movie London Dreams in London and more locations of Europe with Asin, Salman, Ajay and film crew. In an important scene opposite Ajay Devgan, Asin complained that the shoes provided to her were uncomfortable and they did not look good either. Vipul Shah waited till Asin handpicked a lovely pair of black shoes, decorated with studs, in Paris and rushed back to the sets to resume the shoot.

Vipul Shah had paid for the shoes. Reportedly, Asin did not even enquire the cost of the shoes, and Vipul didn’t tell her about it either. Even the director-producer doesn’t seem to be complaining. He said he doesn’t compromise on the quality in his films. Well, do you know what's the cost of the pair of shoes beautifully decorated with studs? Just worth 3000 Euros or 2 lakh in Indian Rupees approximately.

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