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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bollywood Damsel ASIN Interview

This is only an excerpt from her recent interview for You can read complete interview from the source, if you wish.

Not many are fortunate to get such good debut and that too opposite Aamir Khan.

Yes, I am really fortunate. I am glad that everyone besides appreciating my performance has enjoyed the movie also. And I am happy that I got to start my career opposite Aamir Khan. It is really great working with him and the best part is you learn a lot working with him.

Are the feelings similar... given that you are already a star in the South and now Bollywood is again a new place now?

The reception has been almost similar though Bollywood is a national platform so it has much more thrills and the picture gets bigger here. I am more thrilled because I have been able to be part of a good film twice. The film was a hit in south and I really enjoyed playing the role of Kalpana but I never thought I would be part of this film again. [ Read Complete Interview ]


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