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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Asin spends a happiest and best birthday

Dear fans of Asinweb: I'm sorry for the late report, and here goes what all you get to read about how our Kerala Goddess ASIN THOTTUMKAL celebrated her birthday.


Exhausted Asin spends a quiet birthday

Kerala born rising bollywood star Asin Thottumkal, whose back-to-back promotional campaigns for 'London Dreams' left her exhausted, ushered in her birthday quietly with a few friends and family members. She says it was the most 'peaceful and happy birthday' of her life.

Today after conquering south India Asin is one of the hottest females in Bollywood following the success of her debut film Ghajini.

So now all eyes are on her as London Dreams is her big ticket to establish herself in Mumbai tinsel town. Asin's birthday celebrations started from Sunday evening at her home.

"Actually I hadn't slept at all. I had been working non-stop for 'London Dreams' for the last one week with just three-four hours of sleep. Anyway I'm making up for the exhausting week with the most peaceful and happy birthday of my life," Asin, who turned 24 Monday, told media.

Asin brought in her birthday with a quiet dinner on Sunday night with her close friends. 'It was eight of my closest friends at dinner. We had a ball. At midnight they made me cut a cake. I felt 12 years old again.'

Earlier in the evening, Asin arrived home to a big surprise. She said, “When I opened the door, the entire house was done up with balloons by my parents, just like they used to for my birthdays when I was a child. I had to burst quite a few balloons because there was no room to even walk. I’ve never felt happier.”

The second half of the day was devoted to spending time with the kids in her highrise apartment. She said, “Fortunately, there was enough cake and chocolates to go around. So it was great fun. This is the best birthday I’ve had.”

Asin is under tension as her second release in Bollywood London Dreams is opening on Friday October 30 worldwide. She is now on five city promotional tour for the film. [ Read more ]

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