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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Asin denies shooting intimate scene with Salman

Actress Asin seems to be controversy's favourite child. The lady in question found herself in the news for all the wrong reasons, after a rumour hit headlines across the web. So, what is latest about the Ghajini star.. Keep reading!
As per the recently made-up news, Asin has a steamy scene with Salman in the film and has finally let go off her imagination. The fact though is that this is far away from being true.

"I am rather amused to hear this because I haven't shot any steamy scene with Salman in Ready," said Asin.

With the lady at the hot seat going on the records about her act in the film, there is of course no room for any more speculation or rumour. "To think of it, the speculation by itself stands on a flimsy ground," smiles Asin.

She continues, "Ready is a family entertainer. Now tell me, where would such a scene feature in it in any case? It's really weird that someone actually thought of bringing out such news for a movie like this where there is no scope for such a sequence in any case."

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vishnudas19 said...

tats our asin..too proud to be a malayali..