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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The fact behind the Salman-Asin wedding

The wedding was actually a scene being shot from the film ‘Ready’ in which Asin marries Salman against her parents’ wishes. However, mistakenly, some felt that she had, indeed, got married to him.

The press in the South is claiming that Asin tied the knot with Salman Khan earlier this week in the presence of close friends.

As the evidence, a photograph of Salman dressed as a dulha and Asin as his new bride was splashed in the press reports. Quite obviously, a lot of people believed it and the pretty Kerala born actress was flooded with congratulatory calls and messages.

The actress sighs deeply when responding, "At last, the rumours are coming true. Salman and I are finally married. It's a first for both of us."

Before you continue to more guesses, here comes the interesting fact behind all this... Asin can’t stop laughing because it was a shoot for her film Ready with Salman Khan. In the scene, Asin marries Salman against her parent’s wishes. Apparently, someone thought she was getting married for real and published the story which was picked up by others in the media down south. In fact, the news of Asin’s marriage even reached her native place Kerala.

She laughs, "You know, I'm quite enjoying the joke about my wedding. I've been in my bridal outfit taking the saat pheras, for a week now.

I almost feel I'm really married. The family opposition that is being talked about is also part of the script."

Asin adds that she never knew that getting married was so much fun and adventure. She says, "I've gone through Malayali, Tamil and Telugu marriages.

But this is my first Punjabi wedding. And I love it. I even danced at my sangeet to Laung Gawacha."

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