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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bikini and Liplock - Asin clears the air

Ready is only two months away from release but it is definitely one of the most awaited films of 2011. After all, it brings the hit combination of Salman Khan and Anees Bazmee, years after No Entry.
Also, it would be the third Bollywood outing for Asin who waited to sign a new film after Ghajini and London Dreams.

However, the lady in question found herself in the news for all the wrong reasons, after a rumour hit headlines across the web. As per this, Asin has a steamy scene with Salman in the film and has finally let go off her imagination. The fact though is that this is far away from being true.

Reports have been making the rounds in some section of the media that Asin will be donning a bikini in Housefull and doing a steamy kissing scene with Salman in Ready. Completely miffed by such false news Asin chose to react and clear the air.

The multi-lingual actress said, "I am amused by these rumors which I noticed on the internet and some people have copied it to their newspapers. I am glad people who know me do not believe in such trash. There are no steamy scenes or kiss in ‘Ready’. It is a family entertainer for God’s sake! And sorry to disappoint you, the bikini news is someone’s fertile imagination and not the truth."

Ready is hitting the screens on June 3. The soft-spoken Asin explains that though the story is very much the same (of the Telugu original), it has been adapted to suit the northern audiences, their family system, their character portrayal but there is no steamy scenes like the media had portrayed and is a completely family rom-com.

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