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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Asin -- Kollywood to Bollywood

Ghajini fame bollywood star Asin Excerpts speaks to The Hindu. Check out what she has to say here.



A subtle play of emotions. An underplayed characterisation. A perfect foil for the egos of two singers. A balanced performance without interfering with the powerful portrayals of Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan. With just the right momentum of a ‘Chennai Express’ to chug non-stop through a journey to fulfil London Dreams. That’s Asin - natural, spontaneous and expressive.

Does she miss Chennai and Kollywood? “Frankly, I would be open to offers from any industry, as long as the role is good. I have done most roles in the South, and don’t want to repeat them. If something really interesting comes up, I will not say no to a Tamil film. But, right now, things seem to be happening for me in Bollywood, and I feel I should give it a shot,” says Asin.

“My friends and well-wishers in the industry said they would have liked to see me in a meatier role (in London Dreams), knowing what I am capable of and what I have done so far in the South, especially in the Hindi remake of Ghajini. It is good to hear that! But I knew what I was getting into after reading the script; after all, the story was about two friends and everything else was supportive of that.

“That aside, I consider myself very fortunate that in just two films I have worked with two of the best directors and three of the top Bollywood actors. Can a beginner in Hindi films ask for more?” asks Asin.

“By mid 2008, London Dreams was offered to me and, I was like, ‘Wow! Is this happening to me?’ Frankly, I had no big Bollywood dreams and still don’t have. I am just going with the flow,” says Asin, who decided that moving lock, stock and barrel to Mumbai was essential for the growth of her career. [ Read full interview here ]

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