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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Asin is not seeing Neil Nitin Mukesh

Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh was often spotted with the Ghajini fame Kerala gifted Asin, and it as usual led to gossips making rounds. When asked whether the rumours about their affair is true, here comes what the charming actress had to say:

"Rubbish! Neil is a very good friend. We meet, have dinners and chat, that doesn’t mean we are going around. I guess these gossip mongers have forgotten about a term called ‘friend’. If I am seeing someone I will happily acknowledge it. Isn’t finding a great partner something to be happy about rather than hiding it?" she retorts.

Is Asin becoming highly insecure these days? A Mumbai tabloid has reported that she recently got into a heated argument with her hair stylist and yelled at her. The reason - The actress fears being deliberately sabotaged by her rivals who wanted her to look ugly!!

Recently there were also reports of Asin being insecure about her position in Bollywood. "Insecure and me? Such stories make me laugh. I am the last person on this earth to be insecure as an actor or as an individual. I am very happy and content in my space," she says.

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